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Blitzburgh Heading West

Against their better judgment, the University of Washington has accepted me to their Master's program in Digital Media Communications. It's generally populated with older, more experienced folks who've established careers already for themselves in the media world. My undergraduate performance served me well, but my lack of relevant work experience had me thinking I'd likely not get in.  I was close to heading to law school (thank GOD I had that epiphany in time) and  had been working ho-hum jobs that were essentially just fillers as I waited to go to law school (how else do you think I'm able to provide Steelers related distractions to y'all all day long).


Anyway, the site was basically my portfolio, and as I've said time and time again, you guys and gals (SteelLadyVa, where the hell you been?) are just as responsible for making this place enjoyable and interesting as I am. So a giant thank you for helping me put my best foot forward! I'd buy ever last one of you a beer or milkshake or whatever the hell your beverage of choice is if I could. Hopefully one day that'll be possible.

So, before I head to Pittsburgh to try to convince the Steelers to give me a job in some capacity :), I first head west to the Emerald City.


Beautiful, no?

Go Steelers and before the thought even creeps in your head, fu#& the Seahawks!