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This Is One Example Of Why There's A Labor Dispute On The Horizon: Matt Ryan Just Got More $$$ Than Ben Roethlisberger

Carson Palmer received $38 million guaranteed after proving himself early in his career. Peyton Manning got nearly $35 million. Ben Roethlisberger received roughly $32 million in guaranteed money in his recent contract extension.

Those guys are worth the money, no?

Well, what about Matt Ryan!!??!!

How about $34.75 million in guaranteed money! The total contract is for $72 million, over 6 years, at least according to 


There's some fantastic restaurants, lovely young ladies, and ample night-life in Atlanta. Now that you're filthy rich Matt, you may need to pick up a few table manners and not eat like you're at a feeding trough. Got it?

Matt freakin' Ryan. The highest paid QB in NFL history in terms of guaranteed money per year. That's revolting.