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A Personal Anecdote About the Steelers Keyaron Fox

Occasionally, I'll get an email that I'm eager to share with the group. Yesterday was one of those times, as I was contacted by a a very nice guy from Kansas City who had nothing but positive things to say about Keyaron Fox. Sure, it's just one man's opinion, but Steelers fans, including myself, have seen very little of Fox, so any and all information is welcome. Plus, it's a pretty cool story regardless:


Signed up for your blog just to get you this message.  Wanted to share some views about Keyaron Fox and let you guys know how lucky you are.  Having grown up in Houston, have mixed feelings (other than utmost respect for the dynasty and loyal fans) about the Steel Curtain after rubbing our noses in it for so many years :)  But, best friend is a Pittsburg boy and rabid fan, so I follow with him.

Quick background.  When we relocated to KC area in '04, I went out ahead while we tried to sell the house back in FL.  Flew the wife out one weekend in May (instead of me flying home) to look at houses.  She ended up on the same flight as Keyaron from ATL to KC, and told me about "this big polite dude who just signed with the Chiefs".  She was across the aisle from him, and the woman next to him was asking him all kinds of questions, which he answered politely and a little bit shyly.  When the lady asked where he went to school, he said GT, and my wife could not help herself and yelled out "Go Gators" (where our son was attending at the time).  About 5-6 weeks later, I was on my normal flight on Sunday, got the window seat, and this huge dude gets squeezed into the middle seat next to me (I aint small, 6' and a 46 regular coat).  I mentioned us broad guys always get stuck next to each other, he laughed, and the other guys asks "you play ball?"  He says ya, rookie with the Chiefs.  Other guys says what position?  DB?  Keyaron goes "Oh man, I GOT to put some meat on me, No, OLB".  I said I think my wife sat across the aisle from you back in May flight on your way to first mini camp.  He says "crazy Gator lady?".  I admitted it was her.  He was a real nice person, and spent the entire flight talking freely with me and the other guy (who owned a sports bar in KC).

The encounter led to my wife and I always looking for #97 on kicks and returns in the first season.  Absolute ball hawk, good nose for the ball, and solid tackling technique (I grew up playing MLB).  The next year he was getting pulled into defense schemes several times in the opener and looking like a guy who was getting it and pulling his weight.  Blows knee out on a crappy slick field in Oakland, season over.

Comes back in '06 with Herm now the boss.goes nuts and plays out his mind when he gets a chance due to injury.  In '07, tweaks hammy really badly and misses several games, but put a hurt on NYJ with 9 solo tackles.

Needless to say, I will be watching any Steeler game I can this coming season, just to see how Keyaron does.

All the best,


Name Redacted

I can't wait to watch Fox bang heads on special teams. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

 Many thanks _____ for sharing and as always y'all, hit me up with questions, suggestions, whatever, whenever.