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Steelers Related Minutaie

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A few random links, videos and thoughts to kick off the afternoon:

* Let's get things started with a pick-me-up video featuring some of the big licks Steelers defenders have administered on unsuspecting opponents over the years. The video spans at least four decades I believe, perhaps even longer.

* Another feather in Big Ben's cap: His very own 'This is SportsCenter' commercial:

* Steelers fans in the area, sign your kid up for the Gatorade Junior Training Camp. The free camp has two sessions on June 22nd, and is free to all kids age 7-14. The kids will participate in drills, games, sportsmanship lessons and all that jazz. Hooray wholesomeness.

* It's been awhile since I've commented on the organization's local charity work. Three Steelers - Mewelde Moore, Gary Russel, and Anthony Trucks - visited the Children's Hospital in nearby Oakland to read to sick youth, sign autographs, and chat it up with the kids and their parents.

Gary, take your hat off! And sit up straight!

* Reading Suggestions:

  • This is an old article from the New York Times in 2005, but Michael Lewis, author of MoneyBall, The Blind Side, and many others, writes about Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach. If you're not familiar with Coach Leach, you need to be. He's the most interesting, innovative and refreshing coach in college football. Period. More current (and much shorter, but equally entertaining), follow-up reading on the man can be found here.
  • For those less inclined to immerse yourself in a long article, why not just check out this pictorial 'essay' on the Top 50 Universities ranked by looks.
  • A Dan Le Batard expose on rising MMA sensation Kimbo Slice.
  • Got kids? I highly suggest The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure. In it, you'll find a slew of accessible fun facts and explanations. I personally guarantee that any kid in 2nd-8th grade will enjoy it. Call me for a refund if they do not.