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Would Mewelde Moore Have Come To Pittsburgh Had He Known Rashard Mendenhall Was On His Way?

For those new to the site, you may not be aware of my affinity for the Mewelde Moore signing earler this offseason. You can read about my reaciton to acquiring him here and here. Basically, I was excited not only because he had performed well when given the opportunity and would provide an instant upgrade in the punt return department, I viewed the Vikings' decision to let him go simply as one of roster management. With Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor under contract, the Vikings simply did not have the cap room or enough carries to keep Moore around. Because he seems to be such a good young man, I suspect the Vikings let him walk partly because they felt he deserved the opportunity to see the field more elsewhere.

Well, looks like Moore may be in the exact same situation in Pittsburgh as he was in Minnesota. Think about it, even if Najeh Davenport was released and Moore was the 3rd RB on the depth chart - which he would be assuming Mendenhall is healthy and performs anywhere near expectation levels - Moore won't have his number called much, if any, in the running game. Mendenhall's arrival shouldn't stand in the way of Moore taking over punt return duties, and perhaps even kick returns, so he will have a niche on this team. But, would a capable, somewhat proven 26 year old entering the prime of his career, really choose Pittsburgh as his ideal destination if he had known he'd be buried on the depth chart behind Parker and Mendenhall? Perhaps, I'm not sure. What do you think?


With Parker and Mendenhall in front of him on the depth chart, is there room for Mewelde Moore in Pittsburgh's increasingly crowded back-field? (Photo Credit )


Several things to consider and sort out with our running game that I'd enjoy hearing your input on:

1. We already read about Peter King believing we will run the ball much more in 2008. What do you think? How many carries do you see both Parker and Mendenhall getting, assuming both stay healthy?

2. Is there any chance we keep Davenport and carry those four RBs, plus Davis and possibly even Russell? Certainly we don't carry 6 on our traveling squad, but might we keep 5?

3. Can you name me any depth charts that might have been more accessible to Mewelde Moore? We've discussed how having 2 legit RB options is the new trend in the NFL. But there's got to be other markets where there isn't an incumbent as talented as Willie Parker and a high-profile 1st round pick as the #2 option. Right?

4. Moore signed a 3-year $4.95 million dollar deal this offseason. Can we assume that Parker has 3 more solid years left in him at least, and that after 3 years, we should be reaping the fruits of Mendenhall's immense ability? By that time, Mewelde Moore would be 29 years old and the windown of opportunity would be just about shut.

The floor is open. Weigh in.