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Penguins Set To Continue Quest Towards Cup

Pardon my absence yesterday and this morning. Absolutely couldn't let things pile up on my desk any longer :) And this morning?? Tending to a jaywalking ticket I had received awhile ago. I know, BS.

Anyway, the Pittsburgh Penguins face off against cross-state rival Philadelphia this evening. Having cruised through the opening two rounds, Pittsburgh will likely face a much stiffer challenge from the Flyers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

I'm not going to try to provide any sort of analysis. I know no hockey. But I'm sure excited to see the Pens playing fantastic hockey again. Seeing their home arena rocking again is a thing of beauty, especially come playoff time. Head to the link above for more substantive analysis on the series, and use this thread to comment on their chase for the Cup if you're a hockey fan.

Fantastic greatest hits video of Penguins history