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Chris Cooley Is The Man

Ever get tired of overly-canned and scripted athletes? The 'we just got to take it one game at a time' lines and all the other cliches and general lack of realness we see from pro athletes? I am.

Well, Chris Cooley's an athlete who will shoot straight with you, and he does so with regularity on his blog. This is no updated only once a month type site, this is a legitamate blog, updated frequently with both football insights and a glimpse into his personal life.

Here's a sample from his Draft Day Q&A with his readers:

9. What was the funniest thing I have seen done to a rookie?
My first year in the NFL I watched some of the offensive lineman get a guy really good. First of all, it was a real fight for this to ever happen and if I was ever getting hazed I would just go with it. That said, it's a lot more fun for the "hazers" if they know the person getting hazed hates it. They taped up another rookie and rubbed Icy Hot all over his body. Someone even got a glove and rubbed it in his crack. After the Icy Hot they threw him in the ice tub. One of our trainers got him out after about 20 minutes. That would have really sucked.


7. Do I have any chance to voice my opinions in the draft?
Players are completely left in the dark when it comes to the draft. Other than showing up for practice and playing we have no voice in the organization. What do teams really care though? We could be gone in a day.

And some personal stuff from another Q&A.

7. Who would win in a tag team match between Chris and Christy and Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson? The tag team match would start off with Christy and Jessica in the ring. Someone would come out of the stands with a cooler of beer and a couple of stools for Tony and I. We would proceed to sit ringside and high-five while clothes were furiously ripped off. In my world the match would end in Jes tapping out to a vicious choke hold, and I wouldn't be surprised if Christy dropped an elbow on her before she poured beer all over herself to celebrate.

In case you were wondering who Christy is, that's his wife, a former Redskins cheerleader.

And finally, Cooley sheds some light on the physical rigors of the offseason. Ever been curious exactly what the workout regiments of NFL players are like? He's got  you covered there too.

Top notch stuff from him. I anxiously await the day we get an inside look from one of our own favorite players on the Steelers.