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NFL Trivia: College Edition

Well, I guess two cracks at nailing down the 53-man roster were enough for you folks, and perhaps rightfully so. We're in the home stretch of the offseason, and frankly, we've covered just about everything. Until pads go on in Latrobe, there's little left to discuss about the roster, provided the unexpected doesn't arrive in the form of injury or some sort of conduct issue.

So, instead, let's try some trivia, with the questions centered around the colleges and universities of past and present NFL players. I'm no NFL history buff (yet) like maryrose, so expect this to not quite be up to snuff when compared to his.

1) Which of the following schools has sent the most players to the National Football League?

A) Michigan

B) Notre Dame


D) Ohio State

E) Penn State


2) This former Buffalo Bills WR, who frequently came up with big plays in the postseason, attended Chadron State University in Nebraska?


3) The Baltimore Ravens selected Joe Flacco from the University of Delaware in the 1st Round of the 2008 NFL Draft. What other QB had a succesful career following his playing days as a Blue Hen?


4) Charlie Joiner, a 3-time Pro Bowler and 1996 HOF inductee, attended which famous all-black university in the South?


5) Willie Colon attended Hofstra University. How many other Hofstra alumni that have played in the NFL can you name? Hint: think WRs


6) This blue-collar Steelers player of many years leads all former New Hampshire graduates in games played in the NFL?


7) This former favorite target of Joe Namath is Rice University's most famous NFL product?


8) Which of the following names was not an actual NFL player, past or present?

A) R-Kal K-Quan Truluck

B) Jean-Philippe Darche

C) Dick Deer Slayer

D) Suge Knight

E) None of the Above


9) Colts head coach Tony Dungy lettered in both basketball and football at what university?


10) The University of Pittsburgh has sent an astounding 5 players to the Hall of Fame. How many of them can you name? Three of them are somewhat easy. The other two are tough.

Bonus Question: Astonightly, it appears there may be more former Panthers set to be enshrined in Canton one day in the future.  What other Panthers graduates might one day be elected to the Hall?