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Steelers Notes

Not much going on in Steelers land, but here's a few things to check out while I work on writing some stuff for us to discuss:

* Bouchette's latest column highlights the defense's plans to apply more pressure on the quarterback. A noteworthy stat from his column:

But the past two seasons, it's not the quarterback who has dropped but Steelers' sack totals. They dipped from 47 during their run to the Super Bowl in 2005, to 39 in 2006 and to 36 last season.

They've gone from Blitzburgh to Zipsburgh when it comes to sacking the quarterback, especially in the second half of last season. Halfway through, the Steelers had 25 sacks and a 6-2 record. In the second half, they managed only 11 sacks and a 4-4 record.

* Your offseason heart-warming chartiable stories are here and here.

* For the Ohio State fans in the house, you definitely want to check out this in-depth article from Sunday Morning Quarterback, the premiere college blog to be found anywhere.

* ESPN's Hashmarks has highlighted the key injuries for each NFL team. The good news for the Steelers is Hines Ward is listed as Pittsburgh's, and from the sound of it, he's progressing just fine.

Back in a bit with something more substantitve to chew on. Enjoy your Monday mornings.