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If I Couldn't Spend My Money To Go To A Steelers Game, I Might Instead Choose...

Allright, this is more just for fun for me, but it's fun daydreaming exercise for all. Furthermore, it's not a bad idea to come up with a list of places you'd like to go, then find a way to check them off your list over the course of your life. Time flies, so start planning to do what you want sooner rather than later!

A few 'fantasy' vacation spots that I'd absolutely love to see. As you'll see, most are prohibitively expensive and in remote places of the world. If I were so lucky to see just two or three of these, I'd have to consider myself fortunate. If nothing else, this is just a small glimpse into my life and what I enjoy.

Rural Japan:

For as much interest as I have in Tokyo and the visually unreal urban settings of Japan, I would love to see the cultural history of Japan in its countryside. I imagine one feels like the only person on Earth on a morning like this one:



I have a bizarre fantasy of catching a salmon while ice fishing in Alaska, then eating it raw, sashimi style right then and there :) Carnivorous and primordial, I know. But sushi, scenic settings, and fishing are all interests. For those who fly-fish, I can't imagine there's too many more enjoyable places than Alaska in the summer time:


Bora Bora

Here's one that will likely never come to fruition, unless I win the lottery or something. A quick check on Orbitz on plane tickets there, even from Los Angeles (somewhere on the Pacific and at least heading in the right direction), runs a cool $1,900. A friend of mine went awhile ago and showed me some stunning photographs. Fishing, scuba diving, and relaxing there though sure sound and look amazing.

Rio de Jaineiro

What doesn't this city have? A beautiful setting, busting metropolitan life, hope, despair, comraderie, violence, sport, art, extreme riches, inhumane destitution.  It would likely be a dangerous and eye-opening trip if one were to truly see all the dimensions of life in Cidade Maravilhosa (The Marvelous City).



I suppose this is a bit of a novelty selection, as there isn't really anything in Dubai to do other than play golf or conduct international business. But, the rapid growth of this entirely man-made city in the United Arab Emirates is off-the-charts.  The first photo was taken in 1991, the second is of the man-made islands stuffed to the gills with retail outlets and condominiums, and the third, a view similar to the first, but taken in 2005. Altogether one gigantic and symbolic (and tacky) representation of the table stakes awaiting the winners in today's global economy.




That's just but a few. If you care to share, go for it. If not, that's cool too. I enjoyed this for myself on a slow late June afternoon.