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Steelers Reading Material

A few things to read if you're so inclined:

* Some outfit named Bleacher Report is doing their team-by-team 2008 previews. They recently published their outlook for the Steelers, and it was quite positive. I can't say that the information contained within the article is all that meaty, however.

* Even more banter about how Chris Kemoeatu is ready to go. I sure hope so.

* We haven't discussed the Terry Bradshaw comments regarding steroids, for many reasons. Today, Bradshaw clarified his statements, reminding people that he took corticosteroids, not anabolic steroids. The bottom line is that three decades later, corticosteroids are still not included in the NFL's prohibited substance list.

* Ever heard of Joe Tucker, the voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1936 to 1967? I had not, until reading a blurb and excerpt of Screamer: The Forgotten Voice of The Pittsburgh Steelers. 

* Haha, this story about a man scoring dates by pretending to be a Steelers player,  is a bit outdated, but it still makes me laugh, shake my head, and cringe.

* This isn't Steelers related, but Todd Yoder, a TE for the Redskins, shares a story on Chris Cooley's blog about some of the more common pranks played by NFL players. There's some funny stuff in it, including:

Now for the ugly. These can be hysterical as long as you aren't the recipient of the prank. These definitely cross the line, usually involving bodily fluids, feces, or road kill. I've witnessed feces in a bag, placed in a shoe, the bottom of a locker, and even a guy’s helmet. The player that goes to put on his helmet and finds a bag of shit on his head is not going to be a happy camper. The usage of dead animals has also found a place in the locker room. This has consisted of rats, fish, and even a possum have been placed in guy’s belongings or cars. The stench that emits is enough to make you puke once it has been discovered. This can take hours, even days before the culprit is found.