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Steelers Sign Every Rookie Except Mendenhall and Sweed

The Steelers have worked quickly this offseason and with only a couple of weeks remaining until players report for the start of camp (July 27th), only two rookies remain unsigned. The Steelers opened July by inking three picks to contracts on the 7th. Bruce Davis, Tony Hills and Dennis Dixon all agreed to three year contracts and each had minimum base salaries. Two more picks, Mike Humpal and Ryan Mundy, agreed to terms last Friday and both contracts were for three seasons with league minimum salaries. First round pick, Rashard Mendenhall and second round pick Limas Sweed are the only rookies who aren't under contract yet, but they'll be the most difficult to finalize. Rookie_jerseys_medium

That Steelers aren't behind by any means though considering that only a handful of first or second round picks have been signed so far. In fact only three first rounders and one second rounder have signed contracts as of the middle of last week. With basically 13 days left before players report to camp, they'll have to starting working out the details quickly. No one wants to see a camp hold out, especially from two guys who should contribute early and often as rookies. Does everyone feel pretty confident that we'll see both Mendenhall and Sweed on the field in Latrobe on July 28th?