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Steelers Training Camp Schedule

The Steelers have listed their schedule for training camp for all of those who are fortunate enough to attend.

Sunday July 27th Players Report No Practice
Monday July 28 Practice @ 2:55

Tuesday July 29th

Practice @ 2:55
Wednesday July 30th Practice @ 2:55
Thursday July 31st Practice @ 2:55
Friday August 1st   @ Latrobe Practice @ 7:00
Saturday August 2nd Practice @ 2:55
Sunday August 3rd Practice @ 2:55
Monday August 4th Practice @ 2:55
Tuesday August 5th @ St. Vincent Practice @ 5:30
Wednesday August 6th Practice @ 2:55
Thursday August 7th No Practice
Friday August 8th Game Day vs. Eagles 7:30
Saturday August 9th No Practice
Sunday August 10th Practice @ 2:55
Monday August 11th Practice @ 2:55
Tuesday August 12th Practice @ 2:55
Wednesday August 13th No Practice
Thursday August 14th Game Day at Bills (Toronto) 7:30
Friday August 15th No Practice
Saturday August 16th Practice @ 2:55
Sunday August 17th Practice @ 2:55
Monday August 18th Camp is Over
  • It doesn't look like the team will have any 'two-a-day' practices.
  • Anyone who attends any of camp, please feel free to share any first hand experiences, pics and/or scouting reports.