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Official 2008 BTSC Prediction Thread

This is exactly what it sounds like: your chance to predict the 2008 NFL season forCrystal_20ball_medium the Pittsburgh Steelers and/or the NFL as a whole. Here's the way it'll work, everyone gets five predictions. The predictions don't all have to be Steelers related and in fact none of them have to be Steelers related, if you so choose. If you think that Brett Favre is coming back and going to lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl, just say so. If you think that Jordy Nelson is going to be the Rookie of the Year, just say so. Or if you think that Bettis will come out of retirement to score the winning TD in the Super Bowl, go ahead and throw it out there.

Other rules/guidelines:

  • You don't have to use this as a Community Projections for Steelers' players, we'll do projections for every major Steeler in due time (in case any missed the Santonio Holmes' or Big Ben's projection, you can still weigh in).
  • Please try to refrain from criticizing others predictions too much, although discussion is certainly encouraged (ie - if kwoog thinks that Quinn will beat out DA for the QB job and he'll win the MVP along the way, so be it). This is just a place to put down your predictions on paper (well sorta) so that we can go back after the season and see who was right on and who was flat out crazy. 
  • Have fun with this guys. Be as creative or as realistic as you want. Football is almost here and this is your chance to look into your crystal ball and pull out a gem.