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Steelers Quick Hits: Including a Roster Move

  • The Steelers cut one player today, Matt Trannon a 6'6 wide reciever from Michigan State. Trannon broke a finger and missed most of the OTA's. Jim Wexell also reports that the Steelers offered Kevin Jones a one year deal for the league minimum but he chose the Bears instead. 
  • Coach T is still optimistic that both Mendenhall and Sweed will be signed and in camp on time. Time is running out though considering that players report on Sunday and the first practice is on Monday. He also notes that FWP and Troy will be 100% on day one and shouldn't be limited in camp. If last year was any indication though, he'll probably give veterans like those two and Ward a handful of days off during camp.
  • Mike Prisuta thinks that Mendenhall's biggest role this year could be finishing games the way that The Bus used to. There's no doubt that the Steelers miss the 'grind it out style' that Bettis brought to the table but I wouldn't anoint a rookie with that label just yet especially since this offensive line doesn't compare favorably to the OL that Bettis ran behind.
  • One of BTSC's favorite writers, Dale Lolley breaks down Tomlin's pre-camp press conference (Here's a link to the entire transcript). He's not buying Tomlin's attempt to reassure fans/media about the current status of the defensive line. If Eason makes the final roster it'll be because either McBean (who's healthy and reportedly working his butt off at the facility) or UDFA, Clement failed. Tomlin also said that the team will keep an very close eye on Ryan Clark, but that right now he's back up to his playing weight and feeling great. Max Starks will start camp working at right tackle and no mention was made of Colon working elsewhere (although it's still a possibility). Foote will open camp as the starting ILB, but Timmons could already have won the ILB spot on passing downs.

At what point should we start to get worried about Mendy and Sweed not making it on time? Anyone encouraged by the defensive line or are they an accident waiting to happen?