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Official Behind the Steel Curtain Fantasy Football League

So, the good folks over at AOL Fanhouse are set to launch their new fantasy football platform, and they would like us to help kick off their inagural campaign by testing out their new toy. I'm all for it, so let's get it cooking.

A couple things though guys. Figuring out exactly how to do this was a tough decision for me. On the one hand, I wanted to invite some of the longest standing readers and community members to play, as they have played a huge role in helping the site become what is is today. On the other hand, some of those folks aren't interested in fantasy football, and more importantly, there's more people deserving of such a spot than there are actual spots in the league. And finally, I want to give our new readers and contributors just as much of a chance to participate as anyone else. I couldn't be more pleased to see some new guys jumping in lately (you know who y'all are) and I hope to keep everyone interested and involved.

So, that's a long winded way of me saying that we're going to make it totally random as to who gets one of the 7 or 8 other spots to compete against me. I'm not even extending a spot to my beloved cgolden, who has been an absolute life saver this past week and an invaluable resource for a long long time. It's just the only way I know to keep it fair. We were informed to leave 3-4 spots open for 'random, mystery guest' players. Not sure what that means, but it does mean that there should be at least 7 or 8 open spots in the 12 person league. We'll get into the details of the league later as they become available, but I should mention that the deadline to regsiter is July 31st!.

Sorry for my procrastination, but hopefully enough of you guys will read this tonight or tomorrow morning and enter your name into the hat.


Go here.

Enter the required information and be sure to select the BehindtheSteelCurtain league.

Wait to see if your name was selected.


Absolutely not.


You betcha. In addition to pride and bragging rights, there will be at least one cash prize to the winner. Depending on the format, which I'm not yet aware of, we might extend a prize to 2nd place. You can expect that first prize to be in the $50-$100 range, and I can guarantee it will be finalized before the draft commences.


Not sure. Just register to be selected and stay tuned for updates on whether you were selected and when the draft will be.


Guys and gals, please leave a comment below if you registered to participate. I need to gauge our level of participation immediately, so I can take the necessary actions to make sure the league gets filled before the 31st, which is, ahem, the day after tomorrow. So, if you wouldn't mind, please let me know if you entered your name. That might mean that you have to register to leave your first comment here, but please take the 30 seconds (literally) to securely and privately sign up for a free account.

Thanks friends! I look forward to whooping your asses getting dragged up and down the proverbial field by y'all. I'm a terrible fantasy player in all honesty, but with some of my own $cratch at stake, I might just crank it up a notch this year and try to hold my own.

Let's get it on.