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Steelers Rookie Bruce Davis Talks About the Rooneys, Training Camp, And His Teammates

BTSC is pleased to bring you a second interview with Steelers Rookie OLB Bruce Davis. Bruce has been unbelievably accomodating and willing to talk with us the fans, so why not take advantage? He's quickly becoming a fan favorite of mine, and as I've said, I expect some really nice things out of him on special teams in the immediate future and as a pass-rusher for years to come. As you'll see, this interview was a touch less rigid than our previous interview with Davis.

1) First off, congratulations on signing your first professional contract. That must be quite a thrill after the years of sacrifice to make it to the highest level of competition in this country's most popular sport. Talk around Steelers Nation the past two days has been centered around the Rooney family and the restructuring of control of the team. Have you met any of the Rooneys? Impressions? Being that your father is a Super Bowl winner, did he have anything to say about the type of organization you would be joining when you were drafted?

Davis: I met the Rooneys and they are absolutely great!!! They bring such a family atmosphere to the organization, and from day one, they really made me feel welcomed into the family.  The one thing that my pop told me was that you are going to a great, family oriented organization.

2) There's no time to be star-struck in the NFL, but is there one player in the league that you might find yourself saying, 'Wow, I'm playing against ______'? 

Davis: Kellen Winslow. I'll get the chance to play against him every year and I think he is a great football player and it will be a real challenge to play against him.

3) I'm sure you'll get an even better feel for things once training camp starts, but can you tell us yet what differences you might already be able to tell between offensive linemen at the college and professional levels? Have you been given any pointers from a coach about how to get an edge that you maybe hadn't heard in college or high school?

Davis: Well, they are bigger, faster and stronger, and above all else, they are smarter.  The advice that I have gotten is to study your opponent and learn his weaknesses.

4) How much does the team tell you about the ins and outs of training camp prior to y'all arriving? Do they assign roomates, give you your precise schedules for the week, etc before or just expect you to show up on time and be ready for whatever?

Davis:  To tell you the truth i hear training camp is a grind. I'm just trying to get mentally prepared for what's to come.


Now it's time to put Bruce on the spot a bit with a BTSC Quick Fire Round of questions:


1) Best athlete on Steelers defense not named Bruce?

Davis: James Harrison


2) Player on team that's most likely to be telling a joke? Reading a book? Locking his keys in his car?

Davis:  Joke= Tony Hills; Reading a book=Dennis Dixon; Locking keys in car=Bruce Davis

3) Favorite restaurant in LA? [I meant to ask Bruce in Pittsburgh, but since I spend a considerable amount of time in LA each year, I'm still interested in the answer. Sorry!]

Davis: The Charthouse

4) Stadium in NFL your most excited to play in outside of Pittsburgh?

Davis: MY home field, every other place is secondary to me!

5) Ever played the video game Rock Band? I want to see Casey Hampton on drums and Aaron Smith on vocals someday. I'm not sure there's a better team-bonding activity out there.

Davis: hahahahahahahahaha


I guess that's a 'yes'? Now, substitute dork-ball guys in a college dorm with members of your Pittsburgh Steelers and you can see where my intrigue comes from. I'm sticking with my claim that all professional teams need to have their players playing this game together.

6) Favorite class at UCLA?

Davis: Film study, Football 101

7) Many of us were curious if it was not too personal to ask you what the translation or symbolism of your tattoo is? [I forgot to specify which tattoo. I was referencing the one on his right bicep that can be seen in the first interview we did.]

Davis:  Which one, I have like 10??? They all have special meaning to my existance. 

8) Last good book you enjoyed? Movie?

Davis:  Book = The Art of War;  Movie = Kung Fu Panda

9) The two teammates you'd choose for a 3-3 hoops pickup game?

Davis: Limas Sweed and Heath Miller


I'd take Limas too.

10) Favorite sports announcer from any sport?

Davis:  Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet. Hahaha

11) One word to describe how you're feeling about inking your rookie deal and being set to begin your pro career in earnest?

Davis: Relief


Again, many thanks to Bruce for taking the time! Hopefully we'll get him back on during training camp to get a first-hand account of the grind that he and the other Steelers players are anticipating later this month.