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Some Steelers Nation HouseKeeping

What's up Steelers Nation? Hope y'all had a fun weekend.

Couple things to note briefly.

1) Be sure to check your emails about the fantasy football spots. I've sent out invites to those who were selected by AOL Fanhouses' random drawing. It pains me bigtime that some of the site's most loyal and longstanding readers were not chosen, but I had to make a choice to make it totally random and not at all meritocratic. The good news is there's a great mix of new faces and long-time readers. It will be fun.

If you did not get an invite in your email from the league, and you still want to get something cooking, take the initiative. Email me at  and I'll help you get one started. I vowed to play at least two competitive leagues this year (for the fresh faces, I suck at FF, but am going to play and try to win this year with my $$$ at stake).

2) Great post maryrose. If you're new to Curtain, get used to gem history pieces from him. I found the tribute to the Rooneys to be wonderful, but believe it or not, I'd argue he's written many other pieces that are as good, if not better. His tales are a treasure for all Steelers fans and I appreciate so many of you taking the few seconds to let him know you appreciate them too. Good stuff on many levels.

3) Many thanks to all the new folks who have jumped in with diaries, comments, and enthusiasm about the new season. Keep bringin it. The more the merrier, and of course, 10 people's objective assesments are usually better than one.

4) I want to encourage more of you to take the lead of steelers08 when it comes to writing about game-day related topics, such as parking and tailgating. Again, who knows which of us might have pertinent information to share.

5) If you're a reader from Toronto or anywhere in Canda for that matter, and you are excited about this week's game between the Bills and Steelers in Toronto, email me at It might be fun to provide some of us with some information about football in Canada, past and present.

I know some of you guys are out there. Hit me up to collaborate if you're interested.

6) Stay tuned for a return of training camp reports on Tuesday as we get ready for our 2nd preseason game later in the week. It might be time for another stab at projecting our 53-man roster.