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Quick Hits: Steelers Game Day Edition

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The Steelers travel to Toronto this evening for their second preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. This is the first time the Steelers have traveled to Toronto for the first time since 1960 but the game might be hard to find on TV if you don't live in or around the Pittsburgh or Buffalo area. If you're like me you may have to wait until midnight (eastern) when the NFL Network replays the game. With another game staring us right in the face, here's the Steelers-related news from around the net.

Competition Battles: takes at look at the center position and gives their take on the battle. Justin Hartwig will start this week after Mahan started last week so hopefully we'll take some steps towards narrowing down a decision after tonight. I'd imagine that they'd like to have the starting five set going into the final preseason game which makes tonights game and next weeks' game very important.

First Team Playing Time: Coach Tomlin has said that the starting units will play more tonight than last week although he hasn't said exactly how long they'll stay out on the field. I'd imagine that most of the offenses playing time will depend on the results and that two successful drives would send Big Ben and most of the offense to the sidelines. Casey Hampton will start at the nose so keep an eye on how he does with the first unit.

Bubble Guys: The Trib takes a look at several guys who are on the bubble heading into tonights game. Mike Prisuta even theorizes that the 5th receiver could come from another team's cut list because neither Reid or Baker have done much to secure the job (although it's hard for 3rd or 4th string receivers to make an impact when they throw 16 passes a game). He also hints that Tony Hills has looked bad enough that he should be worried about his job.

McFadden's Chance: If Bryant McFadden ever wanted an edge in the battle for Townsend's starting job, he'll get it tonight. Townsend has already been ruled out meaning that McFadden will step into the starting spot opposite of Ike Taylor. If he wants big money this offseason he has to become a starter and the door is cracked, now he's got to kick it open.