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Second Annual 'Adopt-A-Steelers-Player' on BehindtheSteelCurtain

Ok guys and gals, we're getting closer and closer to Opening Day 2008 in the NFL. Last year, it took us until Week 16 against the Rams to implement our own 'Adopt-A-Steeler' idea. This year, let's have things rolling by Week 1.

So, even though we're not quite sure who will occupy the last slots in the 53-man roster when it's trimmed this coming Saturday, I think we should 'adopt' our players right now. If you select Tyrone Carter and he's cut, that'd be too bad. Depending on the participation levels (last year, we didn't 'adopt' every last player, there just werent the same number of readers), you may want to hold off on selecting some of the fringe guys. That said, if there's a youngster you think highly of - say Darnell Stapleton or Roy Lewis - that you think will make the team and have an unexpected impact, by all means 'adopt' him. It will make you look that much more smart.


So, what does 'adopting' a Steelers player entail? No, no diapers, and no endless beurocratic hurdles to clear. You simply select a player in the comments section of this thread. Quick note: PLEASE check the comments section to see who's been selected, so that we avoid any confusion. At the end of the day, or after a couple of days, I will post a complete list with readers and their assigned adopted player.

What's the point of this you may be asking? Well, for one, it's fun for us all to take ownership in the site. We all have good insights, observations, opinions. Why not give us all a chance to share them with the group in an organized way?

But, perhaps more importantly, this will allow us to get a better feel for how each player is doing each week. Unless you have the time to re-watch the games two or three times, it's impossible to keep your eye on how Kendall Simmons looks when Big Ben is set to throw a deep bomb to Santonio Holmes. And even if your eye is on Simmons, it's then missing what Justin Hartwig is doing.

So, each week, I will ask us all to report on our 'adopted' players. In addition to providing the basics, my hope is that you really try to hone in on your guy as much as possible. Now I don't expect you to compromise your football viewing experience with a pen and paper and a dilligent eye on your guy the entire game, but if possible, try to give us something that we couldn't find out in the box score, or something that wouldn't neecssarily be picked up by a fan casually watching the game. For those of you with DVR or TiVo, utilize it. Rewind and fast forward to see how your 'adopted' player is doing. If you don't have DVR, it may be wise/helpful to jot a few things down as you enjoy the games. Again, this won't/shouldn't intrude on your enjoyment of the games, but if you'd like to participate, please only do so if you can commit to doing it the whole season.

There's a Steeler player who needs a new home and some TLC. Make your selections in the comment thread.

UPDATE: Couple quick things. First, this is going to be fun. Be a part of it. Secondly, be sure to pick just one player for the time being. If very few of y'all are interested, than those that are can take more than one. But, for now, let's leave it to one per person at least for a day or so. Finally, as much as I love the politeness of you guys when you say things like, 'If nobody objects, I'll take ____.' If you want a particular player and he's not yet been snagged, 'adopt' him and don't think twice about it. Again, I appreciate the demonstrative desire amongst us to not step on each other's toes. I really do. But if you want someone, snag him. The only way we should feel bad about selecting a player is if we know deep down that we're not really going to follow through and follow said player throughout the year. Of course we all might miss a few games, but you know what I'm saying. If you are committed, don't feel bad or think twice!

UPDATE #3 - 8:00 EST August 29th

The following players have been taken:

Big Ben
Santonio Holmes
Mewelde Moore
Hines Ward
Willie Colon
Marvel Smith
Heath Miller
Willie Colon
Nate Washington
Limas Sweed
Rashard Mendenhall
James Farrior
Big Snack Hampton
Aaron Smith
Lawrence Timmons
Troy Polamalu
Ike Taylor
Chris K
LaMarr Woodley
Trai Essex
James Harrison - liveindc has him, there was some confusion on that one
Ryan Clarke
Dennis Dixon
Greg Warren
Fast Willie Parker
Chris Hoke
Gary Russell
Matth Spaeth
Sean Mahan
Larry Foote
Daniel Sepulveda - I expect detailed accounts of his stationary bike rides, cheer leading, and how a backwards cap looks on him

I think that's it for now. That leaves plenty of guys left, so jump on in and snag another. We'll do another update later in the day, so if there's lots left by the morning, we'll get into thinking about selecting the rest. So far so good. Keep it coming!