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BehindtheSteelCurtain Pick 'Em Challenge Is Set For Launch

Do any of y'all longtime readers remember when I held a Pick 'Em Challenge and tallied the results each week by hand? Haha. That was ok back then, but I'm hoping enough people get involved in this contest that the mere thought of tracking it myself would make me cringe. BTSC is partnering with Fun Office Pools to see which BTSC reader is the best (and luckiest) at handicapping games.

League Details: Go to the league's sign up page here. You will need to register for an account. It is of course free, and like BTSC, only takes a second to do. There is NO password required to join the league.

Picks: I haven't spent enough time looking at this to see how the scoring works, but I can say for sure that Fun Office Pools rewards underdog picks more heavily than picking the Pats to beat the Jets, or the Steelers over the Browns. So, there will be more strategy involved than in your typical straight pick the winners type of league. That's a good thing.

Prizes:  The overall winnner of the BTSC Pick 'Em Challnege will receive $50 cash, from yours truly. Because my money's on the line, you better believe I'm playing. Punks. Just kidding. About you being punks. Certainly not kidding about me defending my coin.

Also, there will be 4-6 random weeks (not sure just yet) where the weekly winner receives a prize. I'm not sure yet what the prizes will be, but something like a copy of Jim Wexell's new book, an Amazon gift certificate, or, perhaps even a BTSC T-Shirt, if we ever get around to finding a designer amongst our ranks and getting some made. Hint hint. If you want to work with me on designing a BTSC shirt, email me at

So, for those of you who entered your name in the hat of the fantasy football league, but didn't get selected, this is your chance to participate in some fun, friendly, and FREE action. I don't know what it's like to go into something knowing that you're playing for second, but please report back to me and fill me in :) Hey, there's the occassional weekly prizes, no?

Hehe, let's go.