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All Eyes on Bruce: Arians Must Resist Temptation To Engage In Shootout

Just a random thought here about this coming Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns. I sure hope Bruce Arians does not get overly tempted to test the prowess of the Browns' apparently weak secondary. What I mean is that I hope Arians realizes that there should still be opportunities to run the ball successfully. Doing so would allow us to find the kind of rhythm we had for most of the Houston game.

Do I think there will be times when Arians should look to stretch the field? Absolutely, I do. But I also think that engaging in a high-scoring affair may not be the best route to take. Shaun Rogers (who looked great Sunday) and Corey Williams were brought in to help shore up the Browns's rush defense, but at least through one game, things haven't gone to plan. The Cowboys rushed for 167 yards against Cleveland on 31 carries. That's 5+ yards per pop for those keeping score at home.

Ben will still have your back Bruce, even if you don't call his number 35 times on Sunday against Cleveland. There should be plenty of areas to attack within the Browns front-7.  

As our resident Browns fan kwoog noted in one of the comment threads, the Cleveland LBs struggled mightily on Sunday. They weren't in great position most of the time, they missed tackles, etc. Let's make them work this coming Sunday, both in the running game, and against our talented TEs and pass-catching RBs. There will be opportunities to go for broke in the passing game, but a nice steady dose of FWP and Mendenhall, mixed with some patient intermediate pass attempts by Roethlisberger, should keep Derek Anderson and the Browns' offense on the sidelines plenty. And more importantly, doing so, I believe, would cause them to press -that- much more when it was their turn. As our defense proved last week, things can get ugly if you don't find a diverse and balanced attack to keep the Steelers D from teeing off.

Just an unorganized thought from me about our next contest.

Thoughts? How do you see Bruce Arians going about his game-planning this week?