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Steelers Notes

A few notes and links before moving on to more Browns-Steelers coverage.

* Even in the midst of the start of a new season, Hines Ward still finds time to squeeze in his charity work and community involvement. On Tuesday of this week, it was the FedEx Deliver Safe Kids clinic at a local elementary school.


Must have been a fun day for the kids.

* Micah Rucker's been cut from the practice squad. In his place will be former college teammate WR Martin Nance. Maybe we'll get the story from Wexell someday on this decision, not that it really matters to our team. But I can't see how Nance would be viewed as a better long-term fringe prospect than Rucker. Oh well, moving on.

* You can listen to a internet radio show I did alongside Chris Pokorny of Dawgs by Nature right here. Be warned though, I had totally forgot about the engagement, and was awaken by the phone call this morning. I certainly sound a bit ridiculous groggy and it didn't help that my cat was trying to stuff herself inside my nostrils as I woke up. But what can you do?

* BTSC friend Cotter does well with his recent string of posts that take himself and other fans down memory lane. Good stuff and always a fun exercise, not that we're feeling down or anything right now as Steelers fans.