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NFC Power Rankings

Since Blitz is solely focused on the Steelers and rest of the AFC, he's asked me to add in some kind of piece on the NFC each week. It's been a good couple of weeks for the so-called weaker conference with quality wins over the Chargers and Colts, but it'll take more than a couple games to shed thier reputation. To get things kicked off, I'll throw something easy out there with the NFC power rankings.

  1. Dallas - (2-0) - Winning last night cemented their status as #1 in the conference, even though it kills me to say it. They travel to GB this Sunday in what should be one of the best games of the week.
  2. Green Bay (2-0) - Aaron Rodgers is looking like the second coming right now, Ryan Grant is still running tough and AJ Hawk leads an impressive defense. This week's game should be a good one.
  3. Carolina (2-0) - Two wins and they get their best player (Steve Smith) back this week. The offense is balance and the defense is good enough.
  4. Philadelphia (1-1) - They were a couple of minutes and one bad fumble away from beating the Cowboys on the road last night.
  5. NY Giants (2-0) - They're 2-0 but I'm not a believer yet. The STL game was a one score game before they pulled away in the final seven minutes. 
  6. Arizona (2-0) - They've played two bottom feeders but they've still looked impressive on offense and defense. Kurt Warner may just have something left in the tank afterall.
  7. Chicago (1-1) - An impressive win over Indy and a last second loss to Carolina has them thinking playoffs again but their doing it with smoke and mirrors and a scab at quarterback.
  8. New Orleans (1-1) - Brees is off to a slow start, the running game is struggling and the defense is not looking as improved as it was advertised.
  9. Washington (1-1) - They looked great last week in the win over New Orleans but I'm not a believer in Campbell and plenty of QBs will look impressive against the Saints secondary this year. 
  10. Minnesota (0-2) - They played the Colts awful close last week and there's no denying that the defense and Adrian Peterson are amazing, but Tavaris Jackson just isn't an NFL quarterback. (Somebody find them a Trent Dilfer and they're a SB contender).
  11. Tampa Bay (1-1) - Jon Gruden's got enough QBs to start a different one each week but this team might have finally gotten old enough to start their decline.
  12. San Francisco (1-1) - JT O'Sullivan almost looks like a real quarterback, Frank Gore looks like he did two years ago and the defense is led by beastly Patrick Willis. They're not there yet but the arrow is pointing up. 
  13. Seattle (0-2) - A demorilizing loss to San Francisco in thier home opener coupled with the loss of five wide receivers and counting is putting thier string of division crowns in serious jepordy.
  14. Atlanta Falcons (1-1) - A suprising blow out win in week one was dampened by the team coming back to reality against the Bucs, but with Matt Ryan and Micheal "Burner" Turner they look to be a team headed in the right direction.   
  15. Detriot Lions (0-2) - How Matt Millen still has a job is something I'll never understand.
  16. St. Louis (0-2) - Believe it or not, they played better than the 41-13 score would indicate last week but they're still the worst team in the NFL.

That's all I got. What do you think? What are your rankings?