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Steelers vs. Eagles: Injury Report

The Steelers were plagued by injuries last year and they're not doing so hot in that department so far this season either. We know that Brett Kiesel will be out for about a month (regardless of what Tomlin has said publicly), but now it also looks like Deshea Townsend will miss his second consecutive game. He told Dale Lolley that he couldn't have played last week even if it had been a playoff game. The biggest problem is that he can't get a pain killing shot to numb what's actually hurt because the location of the shot is too close to his Achilles tendon and it could tear the tendon. He doesn' t sound like a guy who will be back very soon and that means that Bryant McFadden will start again. There's not much, if any dropoff from Townsend to McFadden but the problem is that William Gay becomes the nickel corner and although he's had some promising moments, the team doesn't know if he's ready for that role (especially considering pass heavy Philly is up this week). Here's the complete injury report:

Did Not Practice

Wednesday: James Farrior (back), Brett Keisel (calf), Chris K (ankle), Townsend (heel), Ward (other?), Donovan Woods (hamstring)

Thursday: Keisel, Townsend, Woods

Limited In Practice

Wednesday: Big Snack (groin)

Full Participation in Practice

Wednesday: Big Ben (shoulder)

Thursday: Farrior, Big Snack, Chris K, Ben, Ward

As for the Eagles, the only name that really jumps out at me is Shawn Andrews who's young but troubled Pro Bowl guard. He didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday because of a back injury but he hasn't been ruled out yet. For some reason the Eagles starting center, Jamaal Jackson, hasn't practiced this week either but it's listed as 'not injury related'. It also looks like Reggie Brown may suit up for the first time this week. Maybe if a Iggles fan is lurking, he can give us some more information.