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The Countdown To The Brady Quinn Era Has Officially Begun

Could be any day now in fact, that Crennel names Brady Quinn his starting QB. My guess though, is it will be at least one more week. At 0-3, the season is still not a lost cause for Cleveland. The Browns can thank the Steelers for a horrendous performance today, that kept the Steelers from claiming a 3.5 game lead over Cleveland through just three weeks.

Let's take a look at how Derek Anderson has done since the last part of 2007 through the first three weeks of 2008.


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Do those look like the numbers of a franchise quarterback? Hell, do they even look like numbers that should give people reason to believe that the Browns are on the cusp of breaking through in the AFC, where top notch QB play is tantamount to success? They don't to me. Granted, the team did win three of those five games, but in the most important contest of the year, DA threw four picks in a loss to Cincy.


I could take this many directions. I really could. Moving on.

And now, through three games in 2008, it hasn't been any prettier.

43 of 93 for 405 yards; 2 TDs, 5 INTs, 43.5 QB Rating


Here's the deal though. Romeo Crennel is the guy who has to make the call here with his QBs. And with his derriere squarely on the hot seat, it's hard to envision any immediate scenario where Crennel would be interested in playing for the future by getting Quinn's feet wet sooner rather than later, short-term results be damned. Of course, the caveat in that assumption of mine is that Brady Quinn would not have much chance at quickly righting the ship in Cleveland and leading them back into the playoff picture this year. You never know? Maybe he could. But if Crennel doesn't think so, he may just hold off until the Browns are clearly down and out.

But by then, he himself may be out of a job.

Chin up Steelers fans. Others have it worse, no?