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BTSC Pick Em Challenge Week 3 Results

And the winner of Jim Wexell's latest book is flipgatey3.  He correctly picked 11 of the 16 games this week. Other contestants picked more winners, but per the rules of the league, flipgatey3's picks included more upsets, which were worth more points. Congratulations! Be sure to email me at so I can get your address.


Details coming soon on how to order the book.

In the overall standings, senate (38 pts), has the narrowest of margins over flipgatey and BTSC veteran scnifin (who's won cash from me before in these things). Most all contestants are well within striking reach so continue to get your picks in each week guys and gals. I'm one of the few in big trouble actually. Haha. But don't count me out just yet.

It's not too late to join. You can find details here. It's of course, free of charge. And we will be having a few more weeks where we play for prizes, including some Champion Gear, which recently partnered with Rashard Mendenhall. More news on that partnership soon.