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Steelers Housekeeping

Some notes on the team, as well as some updates about site related stuff. Let's get to it.

* As you saw in the previous post, our Week 3 Pick Em winner will be receiving  a copy of Jim Wexell's brand-spakin'-new book 'Steeler Nation: A Pittsburgh Team, An American Phenomenon'.  The book chronicles Wexell's year spent with the team last year, as well as the traveling he did to speak with former players, families of current and former players, etc. I have a copy myself and am eager to begin reading it (just got it two days ago). Obviously it's of interest because of the subject matter, but more generally speaking, the book's appealing because it appears to be the type of story-driven non-fiction narrative that is so accessible, enjoyable, and quick to read. I'll have a review soon enough.

If you'd like to purchase a copy...

Ordering Instructions:

Go to PittsburghSportsPublishing.

Read about the cool stories told inside Wexell's latest book. Read the praise about the book. Decide to order one. Wexell's been a cool friend to the site, and we've all benefitted from him taking some time to be real with us. My guess is the book has tons of the same succint yet informative (and funny at the right moments) types of anecdotes that Wexell's so good at.

*  Remember when I wrote a post about my inferior play in the past in fantasy football? Must have just been a lack of effort, because this year, with my $ at stake, I'm 3-0! And that's with Carson Palmer and Jon Kitna as my 2 QB options. I wisely stuck with Palmer this week @ NYG, figuring even if they lost, Palmer surely wouldn't have three straight total clunkers, no? But the real difference has been the play of Santana Moss and Anquan Boldin. If you have either of them, you're doing allright in your fantasy league. Maurice Jones Drew hasn't been too shabby, either. There are two other competitors at 3-0, a few at 2-1, and long-time reader schnifin flying under the radar at 1-2, but not yet out of it, following a heartbreaking loss last week. The point of this blurb? Nothing, I'm just pleased with my team! And I usually hate fantasy sports, so this is new for me. Deal with it :)

* Big Snack, Casey Hampton, is out with a groin injury. The team is only reporting that they will know more about how much time, if any, that he'll miss later Tuesday.

* Coach Tomlin on his decision not to kick the FG late to trim it to one score:

"We did not move the ball consistently enough to say that had we kicked a field goal and got an onside kick, we could get down there again," Tomlin said. "Under the circumstances of what had happened to that point, no way I'm kicking a field goal right there."

Fair enough, I suppose.

* Finally, if you're not like me and are desperately trying to just forget about this Sunday's game, maybe you'll be willing to tell us about your Adopted Steeler in the comments section.