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There Will Be No More Wondering Where Rashard Mendenhall Is Come Next Monday

RB Rashard Mendenhall, the Steelers 1st round draft pick in this year's draft, will get his first start in the NFL next Monday night when the Steelers take on the Baltimore Ravens in front of a national audience.

Even when we were rolling along during weeks 1 and 2, it was mentioned that perhaps Delicious should be taking some of Parker's carries, not because Parker wasn't producing, but instead to simply keep Parker fresh while getting the rookie's feet wet sooner rather than later.

Now there will be no cautiously wading into the shallow end. It's a head first swan dive into the deep end instead for Mendenhall, who will make his starting debut against the Baltimore Ravens. Somewhat ironically, I suppose, Mendenhall's opportunity comes against a team that Willie Parker has struggled against historically. One might try to make the argument that Parker lacked the 'inside-the-tackle' toughness necessary to take on a stout Ravens' defense, but I think that's probably a bit unfair. Even a few years ago, when our offensive line was in better shape than it is now, we still weren't world beaters in the trenches, no matter what the broadcasters and pundits led you to believe.


Mendenhall has a huge opportunity to make himself a fan favorite for years to come with a big game in FWP's absence

We'll take a closer look at the Ravens' defense as well as what they like to do against us to negate our rushing attack later today and throughout the week in preparation for next Monday's pivotal AFC North battle for early season supremacy.

For now, use this thread to discuss what your expectations are for our prize draft pick out of Illinois.