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Let There Be Blood (figuratively speaking) - Titans vs. Ravens Open Thread

It's all about the Steelers doing what they need to do to win in the 2008 playoffs. If they play up to their ability, I think they'll be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. If they make mistakes, it's anybody's guess. But first things first and that begins with the first of the two divisional round games in the coference beteween the #1 seed Titans and the #6 seed Ravens.

It's been an entertaining and interesting morning here on BTSC as we talked about football for a few minutes, then the merits of Yuengling, breakfast tacos and who we wanted to win this afternoon - Baltimore or Tennessee?

The consensus has been mixed, with the one shared sentiment being that people are just hoping for a physical grueling game between the two punishing teams. No one wishes harm on anybody, but a rolled ankle or two wouldn't be too bad would it?? Just kidding, but odds are this game is going to be a grind it out slugfest. Our game tomorrow likely will be as well. Most games in January are that way though. It's win or go home so the pace of the game invariably picks up. Simple physics means the hitting becomes more violent. So far, Baltimore's defense looks vulnerable. Perhaps it's all the tough games they've been in lately taking its toll against a physical and rested Titans offensive line. I'm hoping we see something similar tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

Me? I'm for Baltimore. A potential Ravens Steelers matchup at Heinz for all the marbles? In Ray Ray's last game as a Raven I'd guess? Sounds good to me.

We'll see. We don't do much scoreboard watching as Steelers fans but if there was ever a time to keep an eye out on what's going on around us, today would be that day in Nashville.