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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Diego Chargers - 2nd Half Open Thread

We asked for a productive day running the football against a beat up Chargers team. So far so good. Outside of San Diego's exquisite opening drive, the defense has been acceptable. They were shortchanged by the fake punt, and have certainly bent a fair amount, but lots of credit belongs to Norv Turner's game plan and the Chargers offense. Look for Lawrence Timmons (my guess) or someone on defense to make a game changing play in the second half. Where has Polamalu been by the way?

On offense, like he has so many times in the past, Ben delivered in the 2 minute drill, hitting Hines Ward on a gorgeously thrown ball inside the San Diego 20. Don't get too fooled by the offense only having 73 yards before that final drive. After it we have 143, the same as San Diego. We of course had one fewer offensive drive because Holmes took one to the house on a punt return.

This is a great game so far. And at the risk of jinxing anything, I think we're in great shape to put them away in the 2nd half and advance on to meet the Ravens next weekend.