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Visual Confirmation That The Steelers Offensive Line Came To Play: Part 1

Because the posts have been and will continue to come fast and furious, I'm going to include links to previous ones in each post, so that one can jump around between them at ease.

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I want to include a few images that highlight the excellent job turned in by the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line on Sunday. I wrote just a few days ago that the Steelers offensive line had shown they were capable of having a break out game or even run of games this playoffs throughout various moments of the regular season. Not really entire games mind you, at least not against a team better than Cleveland or not in Week 1 against Houston. But moments.

So far so good on elevating their game to a new level this playoffs.

Two plays to start that show the nasty streak and determination that the offensive line played with Sunday. Forthcoming is a post all about the Steelers opening drive of the 2nd half which was all predicated on excellent pass protection.

But first..and you never thought you'd read the words: a Willie Colon highlight.It happened to come on the same play that Ben Roethlisberger threw a key block to spring a first down run by Santonio Holmes:


Just wait. He's not done. More after the poll and break.







That's more like. Heading in the right direction now.


If Colon doesn't get there. The Chargers defender under the red arrow maybe makes that tackle short of the sticks. Colon hustled though and made sure that Ben Roethlisberger's excellent block earlier in the play was not wasted.