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You Can't Think About The Steelers 24/7 For 4 More Days. Or Can You?

So here's a few stories from around the interwebs:

* Michael Irvin is a true-life American Hero. He should be on that new show Homeland Securtiy. Harrowing! Or not.

* Be afraid if this monkey gets mad. Very afraid

* Beer Pong - the next great American game? There's a World Series of Beer Pong?? Wow. Btw, anybody else call it Beirut?

* Here's a video that pretty well illustrates one Steelers fan's love of the team - he happens to be a very frequent commentor on BTSC so I was especially amused and impressed by it.

* No way Steelers fans aren't going to win this. If you can, help make sure of that. Oh, and that blogs a good one.

* Mike Tomlin Press Conference from Tuesday. Begins at ~27:15 mark.

We're playing for hardware this week. The Lamar Hunt Trophy  That represents you're AFC champs. We respect that and what comes with that...It's going to be high-quality football...

If you have a football team that doesn't appreciate the gravity of the moment then chances are you're going home. Hopefully it won't require a bunch of communication from savvy veterans like James Farrior for the young guys to get it.


Sounds like Troy Polamalu will be playing. Justin Hartwig should be good to go.