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AFC Playoff Odds and Ends

If only because it's extremely difficult to continue speculating about the upcoming AFC Championship Game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, I present some odds and prop bets for this weekend's game. Not that I condone gambling here on BTSC but what the hey, these are always a bit of fun to think about.

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

Pittsburgh Steelers                             3/2

Philadelphia Eagles                    2/1

Baltimore Ravens                       4/1

Arizona Cardinals                       5/1

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Exact Super Bowl Matchup

Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers             11/4

Arizona Cardinals vs. Baltimore Ravens         15/2

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburgh Steelers          11/10

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens       7/2


Who will record the most passing yards in the Conference Championships (Playoff Week 3)?          

Kurt Warner (ARI)                       11/10

Donovan McNabb (PHI)               11/10

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)                   5/2

Joe Flacco (BAL)                       9/2


Who will record the most rushing yards in the Conference Championships (Playoff Week 3)?          

Brian Westbrook (PHI)                7/4

Willie Parker (PIT)                                7/4

Le'Ron McClain (BAL)                5/2

Edgerrin James (ARI)                 4/1

Willis McGahee (BAL)                5/1

Tim Hightower (ARI)                   13/2


Which team will have the most sacks?

Baltimore Ravens                       5/4

Pittsburgh Steelers                             3/2

Philadelphia Eagles                    2/1

Arizona Cardinals                       7/2



Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh

What will there be more of in the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game?

Touchdowns -.5             -130

Turnovers    +.5              Even


Total Passing Yards – Joe Flacco

Over/Under                    175.5


Total Passing Yards – Ben Roethlisberger

Over/Under                    202.5


Total Rushing Yards – Le’Ron McClain

Over/Under                    60.5


Total Rushing & Receiving Yards – Willis McGahee

Over/Under                    45.5


Total Rushing Yards – Willie Parker

Over/Under                    67.5


Total Receiving Yards – Derrick Mason

Over/Under                    69.5

Total Receiving Yards - Mark Clayton

Over/Under                    39.5

Total Receiving Yards – Hines Ward

Over/Under                    67.5

Total Receiving Yards – Santonio Holmes

Over/Under                    51.5

 Who will have more interceptions in the game?

Ed Reed             -140

Troy Polomalu   +110


If I were to make a bet, which I won't be, I'd definitely take Hines Ward's over/under receiving yards. Same with Santonio Holmes. Same with Big Ben.