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Could Sunday Be The Last Game In Pittsburgh For The Following Players?

The following is a list of Pittsburgh Steelers who will be free agents at the end of this year, which could be as soon as Sunday evening. I personally don't think this party's going to wind down until the team heads to Tampa to take on the NFC winner, but you never know. In some instances, the players listed will not play this weekend due to injury, but regardless, perhaps it's better to think about what they have done and meant to the franchise during their careers before we're forced to say good bye.

Here's the list, with the players I feel the organization might be well served re-signing in bold...



Charlie Batch (QB)

Byron Leftwich (QB)

Marvel Smith (OT)

Max Starks (OT)

Trai Essex (OT)

Willie Colon (OT) - restricted

Jason Capizzi (OT) - restricted

Chris Kemoeatu (OG)

Nate Washington (WR)

Gary Russel (RB) - exclusive rights free agent

Carey Davis (FB)

Mitch Berger (P)

Keyaron Fox (LB)

Fernando Bryant (DB)

Anthony Smith (FS) - restricted

Anthony Madison (DB) - restricted

Andre Frazier (LB)

Bryant McFadden (CB)


If there's errors or omissions, please fill in the blanks in the comments section. Also, just because I feel we should resign all of those guys does not necessarily mean that I feel they should be on our final 53-man roster come next August. Guys like Chris K and Willie Colon for example might be good guys to have around to compete with Tony Hills, Darnell Stapleton, Kendall Simmons and whoever else we might add to the roster this offseason either through the draft or free agency.