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Steelers TKO Ravens, Advance To Tampa Bay For Super Bowl 43

Congratulations to Mike Tomlin and the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers! AFC Champions and Super Bowl Bound! Tomlin becomes the youngest coach to ever lead a team to a Super Bowl. Read that one once more and let it sink in. I suppose a hearty congratulations and job well done are in order to the Rooneys and Kevin Colbert as well for nabbing Tomlin unexpectedly and for surrounding him with both the kind of talent and character guys necessary to make all of this happen.

One last thing about the Rooneys - how amazing is it that they passed up on Ken Whisenhunt, who obviously knows a thing or two about coaching - to roll the dice with Mike Tomlin. Amazing instincts from the Rooney clan...yet again.

We've got two weeks to review this one and preview the Super Bowl so no rush. For now, we celebrate an amazing season and playoff run thus far.

'What better way than to beat up on Baltimore..They asked for us and they got us.'

- Hines Ward

18 down. 1 to go!

Go Steelers!