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1 Week Down; 1 To Go

Thought this week went by slowly? Next will surely be trying. A couple links and thoughts on a Friday afternoon.

* I bet you didn't know that the Steelers and the Cardinals were once one and the same. A fine story over at Revenge of the Birds will fill you in.

* Just had this passed a long to me (thanks Kathy!) Random, but pretty cool. I'm sure some of you have seen it, but we were guessing how much of this is good editing. Probably a lot, no?:

* Here's a chart breaking down the 'toughest' schedules in football this year. (hat tip: deuce blue).

* No link but if you're in Pittsburgh, Nate Washington and other Steelers players will supposedly (I haven't had that confirmed) be behind the bar at Southside 86, Hines Ward's joint. 

* has compiled a list of former All-Americans playing in the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh has five such players. You can check out their lists here.

* More from me in a bit. Happy Friday y'all.