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Steelers Reader: Midway to the Super Bowl

One of the great things about playing in the Super Bowl is that everyone is talking about you, usually good things.  Here are several items floating around the internet that Steelers fans might be interested in:

Chuck Noll is remembered by ESPN.

I love these Flip Cards provided by ESPN.  Great thumbnail way of learning a few things about our opponent.

Dan Rooney Calmed the Team About the Ownership Issues when everything was up in the air, provided by Yahoo Sports. gives us an excellent glimpse of the Differences Between the Cities of Pittsburgh and Phoenix.

ESPN asks if the Steelers are the Greatest Franchise Ever, a question only asked now that we are in the Super Bowl. tells us How the Steelers Will Defend Larry Fitzgerald.

Despite Poor Economy, Super Bowl Will Not Lose Its Luster, according to an Associated Press story.

The Seattle Times has a nice piece on How the Steelers Maintained and the Seahawks Declined after Super Bowl XL.

Big Ben Gets Some Love from Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post.

No Place But Pittsburgh to Watch the Super Bowl, PR Newswire gives us some leads for hotel packages.