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A Look At Kurt Warner's Performances Outside of Phoenix

Let's take a look at some of Kurt Warner's 2008 performances away from the comfy confines of University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. Now of course, a game played in Tampa isn't exactly the same as a game along the Eastern Seaboard up North. And of course jet lag or anything like that is not an issue given the extra week for travel and preparation both teams are given between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, it's going to be a heavily Steelers flavored crowd and more importantly, it's simply going to be an environment Kurt Warner is not used to. P1_warner_benc_1__medium

Cardinals 2008 Road Performance (3-5):

Points For/Points Against: 185/248

Kurt Warner's TD/INT Ratio: 13/9

Kurt Warner's 100+ QB Rating Road Games: 1game

Kurt Warner's 100+ QB Rating Home Games: 5 games

Kurt Warner's Fumbles: 6

Games w/ Completion % Under 60 : 0 home/3 away

Road Wins Outside of Division: 0

This is but a small sampling of numbers that begins to tell the story about just how dynamic and excellent Kurt Warner and his Cardinals offense is at home compared to when they must travel. Only 3 road wins - none of them quality (SF, STL, SEA), 9 of Warner's 14 INTs for the year, more than half of his fumbles, and all three of his sub-standard games accuracy wise.

Anybody really see him torching this Steelers defense this coming Sunday? I, for one, do not, though I don't think he necessarily has to have one of his epic 300+ yard, 70+% evenings to win. No, our offense is still going to have to do their fair share of the leg work for the Steelers to emerge victorious, but I think the defense will give them every opportunity in the world to deliver a knockout blow sometime in the second half.