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10 Things I Think I'll See In Super Bowl XLIII

You just about made it guys and gals. Two full work/school weeks have come and gone since the Pittsburgh Steelers last took to the field in the AFC Championship Game against the rival Baltimore Ravens. Here are ten things I think I'll see on Sunday when the game finally gets under way around 7 pm EST.


10) Aaron Smith will make a fairly big play that prompts John Madden or Al Michaels to mention him being underrated.

9) Ken Whisenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals will have at least one drive where we scratch our heads and say, 'damn, that seemed too easy for them.'

8) The Pittsburgh Steelers will be more efficient on 3rd Down than Arizona

7) Lawrence Timmons will either sack Kurt Warner viciously or at the very least will hurry him on multiple occassions.

6) Limas Sweed or Nate Washington will make a big play down the field.

5) Bryant McFadden will again remind Steelers fans (and the rest of the NFL) why he and agent Drew Rosenhaus will be taking his talents to the open market this offseason.

4) The Steelers offensive line will play one of their top three games of the year.

3) The Cardinals will have fewer than 75 yards rushing

2) Willie Parker will be named Super Bowl MVP...meaning

1) The Pittsburgh Steelers will win their sixth Lombardi Trophy, Mike Tomlin will become the youngest head coach in NFL history to win a Super Bowl, Ben Roethlisberger will be half way home matching Terry Bradshaw's four championships, and the 2008 season will end how I've felt it's been destined to conclude for the better part of two months now.


#10-2 can be wrong for all I care, just so long as #1 proves true. Go Steelers!