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Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) @ Detroit Lions (1-3): BTSC Week Five Open Thread (1st Half)

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Ok Steeler Nation. These are the kinds of games that go a long way towards revealing whether or not the 2009 version of the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be legitimate contenders in the AFC or whether the stars just may not be aligned for them this year. A loss at Detroit would essentially be as crippling and head-scratching as losing to the Oakland Raiders, which the Steelers of course did in 2006 the year after their Super Bowl win in Detroit.

Don't be surprised to see Lions quarterback Daunte Culpepper play fairly well. He might be rusty, but reports out of Lions camp this summer were claiming that Culpepper looked better and healthier than he had in years. It's Detroit's defense that I think will struggle, but when you're playing at home, it just takes a couple big plays on defense to jump start everything for the whole club. Protect the ball Big Ben. Take care of business!

This is our open thread for the first half of Week 5. Have fun and enjoy your Sundays y'all.

Go Steelers!