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BTSC Steelers Daily Six Pack- Return Of The Six Pack

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First off, my apologies for being somewhat out of commission the last week or more.  The "joe-job" has gotten in the way with some unexpected duties that have minimized my available free time.  Hopefully I am back up and running on a more regular schedule.  Thanks for your patience. -DYM-

IX-Ben Roethlisberger grew up idolizing John Elway and he is frequently compared to him by media and fans alike.  Frankly though Roethlisberger is his own quarterback who could quite possibly go down in the history books as being a quarterback that people will want to idolize not vice-versa.  The Post Gazette wrote an article about the comparisons and it also gives some insight into what went through Ben's mind after the pick-six in Sunday's game.  Ben responded by telling coordinator Bruce Arians that he wanted the ball and he wanted to go no huddle.  Ben and the team responded with a Hines Ward touchdown on the drive.  The most interesting part of the article is that Ben doesn't think he is playing all that well.  If he is completing 73% of his passes playing like crap I can't wait to see what happens when he finally gets his stuff together.

X-Mike Tomlin stated in his press conference that Willie Parker and Troy Polamalu are expected to fully participate in practice this week.  Good news and hopefully they will both be healthy in the near future, but I would definitely rather keep them both sidelined until they are 100%, Parker because his back-up is running like a wildebeest and Polamalu because he is only a shell of himself if he is not 100%.

XIII-Are the Cleveland Browns a great NFL team?  Hell, no, but they are a proffesional football team that can challange the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday even if we bring are A+ game.  The Browns are a rebuilding team, but a hungry team and lets not forget that in 2007 a woeful 2-8 N.Y. Jets team coached by Eric Mangini beat a Mike Tomlin coached Pittsburgh Steelers team.  Anyways, I think Bob Smizik's blog entry about how the Browns are no match for the Steelers could be the bulletin board material that the Browns need to pick up their game.

XIV-Troy Polamalu or Ed Reed?

XL-This news is a little old, but if you haven't heard Casey Hampton was one of a slew of athletes to bare it all for ESPN the magazine this past week.  In the "Body issue" athletes were naked showing off their attributes for the world to see.  Their are so many easy jokes about Casey Hampton being fat and naked that I won't even attempt one.  Feel free to insert your own in the comments. [Disclaimer:  The link contains a picture of the naked Casey Hampton, so be warned and get a puke bucket ready.]

XLIII-I personally don't think their is any question who is the starting tailback for the Pittsburgh Steelers right now, but everyone will continue to debate it.  That is Rashard Mendenhall and it will he will keep that job until either he is injured, makes multiple mistakes in practice/games, or just plain starts to struggle.   Willie Parker has a nagging toe injury that he could probably play with and likely if Mendenhall wasn't looking like a world beater he probably would play.  The Steelers were lucky to have a running back like Mendenhall waiting in the wings to take over for Parker and when Parker is fully healthy he will come back and play a part in the offense, but until then, give the rock to Rashard.