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Behind The Steel Curtain On Sprint's NFL Mobile Live Application

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I hope you aren't beginning to feel like our little sandbox is becoming too inundated with advertisements, but I have one more significant partnership to announce. This one is between BTSC, SB Nation and Sprint. If you don't have Sprint as your cell phone carrier, you can stop reading. Or, just watch the short video that  anyway that features the NFL Mobile Live application in action. In addition to the numerous cool features already on their application, many of BTSC's posts will be fed to the application - packaged nicely for Sprint phones, particularly the new (and very awesome) Palm Pre. In addition to BTSC content, the program allows you to track your favorite team, watch videos, set your fantasy lineup, etc etc etc. Basically anything and everything an NFL fan needs on the go.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Sprint has also partnered up with the NFL to give out 17 trips to this year's Super Bowl - which will come from Land Shark Stadium, of course - via their new Sprint Can't Miss Plays of the Week.  You simply just click here and vote each week on what was the play of the week.  Every time you vote, you are entered for a chance to win one of those 17 Super Bowl trips. Not bad, eh?

Anyway, here's a video my girlfriend and I created showing the Palm Pre and NFL Mobile Live in action. A picture is always better than words, no?