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Comcast Weekly Red Zone Update

On to our weekly red zone update post, sponsored by Comcast and their spiffy new Comcast's Red Zone Channel. If you don't mind, leave some commentary about the channel if you in fact have it. On to the numbers from this past week.

Week 5 Red Zone Efficiency:

3 Trips; 3 TDs

2009 Cumulative Red Zone Efficiency:

17 Trips; 11 TDs; 5 FGs; 1 missed FG - 64.7 % TD efficiency (+7.6%)  94.1 % scoring efficiency (+1.3%)

The Pittsburgh Steelers may still have plenty of issues to work out as the season progresses, but they're drastic improvement in the red zone sure is a beautiful development. If the defense continues to struggle, the Steelers chances at winning ball games increase exponentially if they can continue their upward trajectory punching it in to the endzone rather than settling for field goals.