Run The Damn Ball!!!

Mike Tomlin and the Offensive Coordinator are driving me absolutely crazy. Rashard Mendenhall only carries the ball 10 times? He averaged almost 7 yards per carry. Against the Browns he had what? 15 carries? Against the Lions with the Steelers leading by 15 with about 8 minutes to go the Steelers had the ball on the 40 yd line 1st and ten. What do they do? Pass.....Penalty, Sack, Incompletion....and maybe 30 seconds taken off the clock. Against the Bengals they had the ball inside the 40 with about 4 and a half minutes to was 3rd and 2.......what do the Steelers do? How about trying a low percentage almost 40 yd pass to the endzone? Yep, that's what they did. Stupid!!! Get the first down with a high percentage play call and take time off the clock. While I appreciate the Steelers opening up their offense you just can't be idiotic about it. That's what they've been doing....and in my opinion it has cost the Steelers a win agains the Bengals and allowed the Lions and others to hang around longer than they should. When Cower was coach I always wished the Steelers could open up the offense a bit they have and I do like it.....but please let's not forget HOW TO FINISH ....and Cower was pretty good at doing that. Give Cower a 10 point lead in the second half and it was O V E R. Can the Steelers just be a bit smarter about play calling during crucial times of the game when it behooves them to take the time off the clock and Mendenhall has proven himself to be quite capable of handling the load...........34 needs the ball 20 times a game MINIMUM!!!! good grief!!!

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