If I missed the information and it's already posted here somewhere then my bad. I haven't see it yet, so I'm asking for some information in case anyone else did catch this.

It's pretty obvious that Coach T was "mildly" upset at Rashard for the dive that caused the fumble. I have to admit that watching the run on TV, I did stop cheering long enough to ask out loud, "what just happened." It seemed to me that he was a little far from the goal line to be thinking of diving over the defenders. And guess what? He was WAY short, and the fumble to boot.

Anyhow, I'm not the only one to question that play. It was the last we saw of Rashard for the game, as our savior Mewelde took over from that point on. Pretty obvious that Rashard sat for being a bonehead. I did see a comment from Coach T saying that Rashard was still the starter, but I haven't see anything else - and I must have missed the press conference - where an explanation was given for Rashard to not go back into the game.

Anyone got something for me? Thanks....

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