POLL BATTLE ROUND 2: (Hood-Mundy-Harris)

This is the 2nd round of the voting to see who BTSC readers vote as who would benefit the Steelers most by getting more playing time.

This is by far scientific, it's just for fun, and if you don't see your favorite player up here (I'm sorry, Burnett fans!) I wish I could help. :)

There's two polls, each containing 3 players that survived the last round. The top two vote getters from last round head up each poll, and rounded out with the other survivors. Their seedings ae listed in parenthesis to the right of their position.

POLL #1:

Evander "Ziggy" Hood - DE - (1). Ryan Mundy - FS - (4). Ra'Shon "Sunny" Harris - DE - (5).

Poll #2:

Mike Wallace - WR - (2). Limas Sweed - WR - (3). Keenan Lewis - CB - (6).

Breakdown of the overall voting from round one:

Hood (92), Wallace (84), Sweed (58), Mundy (48), Harris (35), Lewis (27), Bunrett (24), Foster (16), Urbik (15), Legursky (14), Bailey (8), Hills (2).

Section 1: This bracket saw Hood dominate Lewis and Bailey. Bailey mustered all of two votes...

Section 2: A very close battle between Mundy and Harris, with Ramon Foster being the surprise player to me in the voting. 16 votes was impressive. Not sure if he would have gotten that if he had been in Hood or Wallace's bracket, but noonetheless, nice job.

Section 3: Sweed came back againstBurnett, who had led early. Legursky finished off the voting in this bracket with a respectable 14 votes.

Section 4: Wallace absolutely killed this bracket, taking 84 out of 101 total votes. Urbik, who I thought beforehand would have a higher vote total, finished with just 15, while Tony hills tllied all of 2 votes.

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