Greatest catch in Steelers history, Santions' Catch over Immaculate!!

           Which catch do you think is the greatest? All the old boys still go with the Immaculate. No suprise there, but I don't think they give Santonios' a chance. I think Santonios' Catch is not only the greatest in Pittsburgh Steelers history, but all time NFL history!

          I receive the Sporting News, and in it they surveyed 20 former Steelers. They ask all sorts of questions. The first of which was as follows......... BETTER CATCH: FRANCOS' OR SANTONIOS'

                                     FRANCOS'                    15

                                     SANTONIOS'                   3

                                     TO CLOSE TO CALL         1       

           Now 15 out of 20 is 75%, right? Can it be that 75% of Steeler nation still believe that the Immaculate was a greater catch than Santonios' Catch? Please, do not get me wrong, the Immaculate Reception was great. Truly "IMMACULATE". The shoestring catch, no time left, boost a dynasty, and all that great stuff. Seen it a million times and always puts a smile on my face, could see it a million more. Hopefully that 75% goes up along with the number surveyed. I think Santonios' Catch is head and shoulders above the Immaculate Reception. Here's my case.

           Well, for one, Santonios' Catch was pure skill, both the catch and the throw(beautiful placement of the ball by Big Ben). Immaculate was all luck. Santonios' Catch brought my beloved team 6, countem, 6 Super Bowl rings. Immaculate got us to the AFC title game, which was big at the time, we done nothing as a franchise up till then. The drive leading up to Santonios' Catch, made it a great game, the catch and Big Bens throw made it one of the greatest games in NFL history! Super Bowls included. The drive in the 72" division game was going nowhere fast. Most of all, Santonios' Catch was on the biggest stage in the whole world, Super Bowl XLIII, millions of people watching all over the world. 43 ticks left on the clock, and a Super Bowl on the line,CLUTCH MAN!!!! I heard that some TV fans didn't get to see the Immaculate do to blackout.

          Maybe it's just how old you are. To those folks back in that 72" divisional game, the Immaculate Reception will always be the greatest play, let alone the greatest catch to them no matter what happened in the past or in the future of the Piitsburgh Steelers, and nothing will ever change there minds.

         I guess I can relate. What I saw on Feb. 1 2009, at around 10pm, was the greatest catch and the greatest play in Pittsburgh Steelers history. No matter what happen in the past or what will happend in the future...... and nothing will every my change my mind!!!!!

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