Getting ready for Denver.

It’s good to see Blitzburgh take the donut from the Viking loss box with a Defense that outperformed the Viking defense in pick-six and scoop-six. Every shirt in Steeltown is a potential hero week after week for the fans who bleed black and gold.

No time to rest yet, but time to plan. The Amazing Steelers have shown Six-burgh greatness, but there’s a 3 strikes law going down that will determine the fate of our season. Our next Monday night matchup will be a current sign of the times.

1. Turnovers: We’re losing the turnover ratio at -3 and at the worse times. Although when we do get one, there is often a steel entourage to help take it to the house, even if it means moonlighting for a shampoo company afterwards.

2. Special Teams: Denver has a great return specialist in Eddie Royal who had the wheels to get by San Diego twice for scores. They also grabbed our Canadian Berger from last year to stop embarrassments from guys like Darren Sproles and give opponents a long field for their dominating defense. Good counter move. I’d settle for Santonio to take a couple punts and put in Mike ‘Sticky Fingers’ Wallace to fill in for a play or two.

3. Endurance: Going up to the Mile high city to play ball is an altitude adjustment we’ll have to deal with a team that looks suspect after 3 quarters. For years, our defense has seen more of the sidelines with a clock killing run game. It’s a new day. Perhaps they should pull heavy concrete blocks up Pittsburgh’s Canton Ave to build stamina. With Ryan Clark not being able to play in the altitude, I’ll look for Ryan Mundy to pull off a pick six like he did against Carolina. The Broncs look good in their second halves by 76-10 and have held out until the end. The Birds from Baltimore should bang them up a bit, but if there’s a leftover donut in Denver, we’ll take the victory and allow the bandwagon peeps to get on our bus again.

My prediction: Steelers 16 Denver 10

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