NFL Network Condensed Games - Excellent

The NFL Network has not caught on that well in central Ohio. At least one carrier (WOW) doesn't actually give you the Thursday night games when you get the Network. You need an additional subscription to get the games. Which is ridiculous and one of several reasons I dumped WOW a few months ago.

My carrier (Insight) doesn't offer the new RedZone Channel. I imagine several others around here don't either.

Perhaps where you live, the NFL Network is a little more accessible and easy to watch. That was just to preface the following info, which may be blindingly obvious to you:

Every week, the Network takes four games from the previous weekend and rebroadcasts them in 90 minute condensed versions, with additional sideline footage. They transition with graphics like "Two plays later," when they jump ahead.

I'm new to the Network this year and hadn't seen these condensed versions before the Steelers - Chargers game. These 90 minute versions are very good productions and well worth watching.

Last night (they begin showing them on Tuesday evenings) they had New Orleans - Miami and the Steelers - Vikings.

I think the NFL Network is a matter of taste (I hate the Eisen/Irvin/Sanders studio team), but the condensed games are great, especially if you aren't in the Steelers' primary market.

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